“Cose Nostre” experience

This summer we decided to visit some exponents of the Sicilian street food culture outside the island. In Milan, via Chiesa Rossa 71, we found this quaint little coffee/rotisserie where you can enjoy a typical Palermitan atmosphere. Cose Nostre started almost six years ago from the idea of bringing a taste of Palermo to Milan. Here you can find everything you need, such as great Cannoli,  authentic arancine or amazing “panini ca’ miusa” (spleen sandwich).

Alessio, who is the manager of this nice place, told us a little bit about the mission of Cose Nostre. Since they started they tried to communicate through the food  that they serve the most authentic Sicilian tradition and culture. So, at some point, it felt as if we were in a kind of unreal culinary Embassy of Sicily in the city of Milan.

They serve fresh Cannoli made to order and they offer three sizes: small, medium and big! They always suggest to eat a Cannolo drinking a good glass of Limoncello or some other liqueurs with the taste of pistachio, prickly pear, almond etc…etc…

They serve almost all the different kinds of Palermitan rosticceria (pizzette, arancine, barchette, calzone, ciambelle, cartocci, cornetti…) sweet and salty, so this is a perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Alessio told us that sometimes they organize little events where with a small ticket of €10 you can have an amazing food tasting experience which includes trying the most traditional Palermitan food, including a glass of red Sicilian wine.

They also cook Sicilian homemade bread which they suggest visitors try with a bottle of their own extra virgin olive oil.

What else can we say but to recommend you visit!