We Do Not Sell Culture — An Anthropological Adventure

Recently we received the visit of an anthropology student who interviewed us about our project and in particular our mission. He was interested in understanding which is the main purpose of our “service” and how it is possible to work in terms of donation, trusting in the generosity of travelers and tourists.

His questions gave us the opportunity to explain better our concept of hospitality according to the idea that all travelers usually are tourists but not all tourists are travelers. Palermo Street Food Tour, born from the idea that you can really learn a lot about a foreign culture starting from its food. Food is the base of life and it’s something that everybody can try and understand no matter who they are or what they think. Food is a universal language, able to communicate the most inner feeling of a society.

How can you learn, in a couple of hours, something about a place and its people? Easy, try its typical food, not only through your lips but even through the food's stories. That’s our mission!! Fun, culture, food, and beverage for an authentic Palermitan food adventure of 2 hours, provided to you without any kind of business pressure. You can buy/eat whatever you want without any obligation, you can try everything or just a few local foods.

And why just a donation?! Because we do not sell culture. Culture is free and must be like that because all cultures belong to humanity. Travelers that come to us leave knowing more about our culture than what a anonymous book can offer.

So no matter if you can pay or not, you will be always welcome to our world of “Palermo Street Food”.