Panormus Street Food Festival

The festival started this morning. It is the 1st edition of the Panormus Street Food Festival in the heart of Palermo. The festival was organized by a Milanese company in honor of Expo 2015.

The location for this event is Palermo's Piazza San Domenico, which is right next to Vucciria market. There were more than 35 different stands and a total expected 2,000 people, made up of Sicilian locals and travelers!


It's such a beautiful thing. All of our street food all at one giant celebration of culture and food: meat, fish, vegetables, desserts it's all here. 

Of course, Palermo Street Food was there. Check out our full photo albums here, here, and here. Here's a snapshot of us with Nino u' Ballerino, our local Street Food Oscar hero. 


This 2 day festival runs from 10am-Midnight and parallels 2 other Sicilian street food festivals: Fuori Festival in Monreale and Cefalu'. If you are in Palermo today or tomorrow, this festival is a must see. So many happy people dedicated to celebrating one of Sicily's most amazing assets: the street food!