If it is a more historical/artistic tour your interested in addition to street food, our Food + Art tour is for you! Our tour leaders are licensed touristic guides and they know everything about Palermo's architecture, history, and art. 

This tour typically lasts about 3 hours and starts around 10 am, but can adapt based on the needs of tour attendees. The tour will focus largely on Palermo's open air markets. This tour will concentrate on the historical, architectural, and artistic monuments and peculiarities, as well as all of the edible wonders along the way. For example, on this tour you will visit, Teatro Massimo, La Chiesa di San Domenico, I 4 Canti, Piazza Pretoria, and much more. 

The goal of this tour is to show the main artistic landmarks of Palermo and the principal street foods of Palermo. The street food you will on your tour changes based on what is available that day and what is in season. Every tour attendee is free to choose what they would like to buy and eat, respecting their tastes and food intolerances. 

Art and food in Palermo are both connected by culture, atmosphere, and history. This tour is perfect for people who have want the opportunity to ask questions and go deeper about Palermo's urban landscape as well as street food.