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How does the sommelier-lead wine tasting work?

Where: in Palermo's historic city center
Language: English or Italian
How Long: approximately 2-hours long
Drink: 5 wines made with native Sicilian grapes, from different wineries and Sicilian wine areas
Eat: Yes! There will be some stuzzichini (appetizer food) served too
How many people: 2-10 people
Cost: between 45-55 euro per person (wine + light food included)
Booking: please book at least 24 hours in advance by writing to Francesca ( or by filling out the form on the right
Wine Tasting Focus: during the tasting Francesca will cover terroir, vinification process, history of grape variety, potential food pairings

Ciao! My name is Francesca. During our wine tasting, my goal is to have you fall in love with a native Sicilian wine, something that will change your life. A wine that you will bring with you as one of your favorite go-to wines, for the rest of your life. AND if you already know a lot about Sicilian wine (be sure to tell me!) and I will challenge you to expand your knowledge. 

Do you know Perricone?! It is a grape native to the area around Palermo. Perricone wine usually has a ruby red color, a fruity and spicy bouquet, and a PERFECT balance. Sicilian wines can be considered the best in the world for their versatility and diversity. Did you know that Sicily is full of different micro-climates, each producing amazingly unique wine?!

My passion for wine originates from the joy of pairing wine with food. Ever since I was a child, I have always enjoyed wine during my meals. I developed this passion into a career. The beauty of Sicilian wine is that EVERY wine has a story and is rooted in history. The wineries that cover the Sicilian countryside all tell a story, they tell Sicily's history! During our wine tasting, you will learn this history through drinking wine, what could be better than that?

What about street food? Well, the wine that goes best with street food? Inzolia! It's a indigenous Sicilian grape variety that makes a fresh and tangy white wine. It's the perfect match for the fried and rich street foods in my hometown, Palermo!

I have a sommelier certification through the Italian Sommelier Association (A.I.S) and lots of experience hosting wine tastings. Ci vediamo presto! 



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