Gustiamo Palermo Street Food

Our friends form Gustiamo in the USA were visiting us in Palermo, they wanted to taste everything! This is what they wrote about their time with us on the GustiBlog

Benvenuti to Palermo Street Food. Salvo Agusta, who speaks in this video, is your street food sherpa in Palermo. Watch the video and see what you are up to when you go to visit this enchanting city. At the end, Salvo will offer you a bottle of Champagna Vucciria, ie Forst beer, bottled in Palermo, the cheapest and tastiest, Salvo says. Benvenuti!

What a charming, knowledgeable and educated young man. It is a pleasure to explore the most hidden corners of the markets and the alleys. Salvo knows everybody and all the street vendors love him. Salvo will tell you with pride that Palermo is ranked one of the five most important cities for street food in the world.

Salvo can hold a conversation on the eternal question, even among Palermitani, of what “maritata” and “schietta” mean, when you order Pane con la Meusa (bread and spleen). Not my favorite, but I had to try it, since Danielle said it was delicious. Love you Danielle, but not my thing.

Not a problem, I have plenty of other street food in Palermo to choose from: pane e panelle, crocche’, rascatuni, steamed octopus (to be on the light side), arancine, spitini, sfincione. Yes, I tried them all. But I would not have had the courage or the strength, if I went alone. You need to go with the experts. Palermo Street Food! A completely different experience.

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